Saturday, January 2, 2010

Book Club Christmas Celebration

Back in the middle of December I hosted my book club(Booker Babes) meeting for the month.  I made Chicken Cordon Bleu (tutorial coming soon)and Party Potatoes, while everyone else contributed a dish to share.  I always struggle to put together a nice tablescape.  It just isn't my thing, I guess.  But this one was passable, especially with the candle lit and the lights turned low! (I WILL have something other than white tables clothes to choose from next year)

Everyone was asked to bring an ornament in a brown paper bag to give away, an ornament they cherish so they could share their story, and to incorporate an ornament into their outfit WITHOUT it being their necklace!  Yes, sometimes they just aren't creative and you need to nudge them into thinking outside the box!  Jackie certainly won the prize for being creative.  She had blinking lights around her red hat.  She also had a strand of lights as a belt.  Great job, Jackie!

We also collected money to sponsor a family for Christmas.  Since Trina works for Big Brothers Big Sisters I am always well aware of some of the needs of the families and thought that would be a great idea for us.

Everyone left with a little gift I made.  Travel tissue cozies.  I found the pattern here, and I made many of them as Christmas gifts.

Good food, good conversation, & good friends---what could be better than that?

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