11 in "11

I'm joining Kim at Kim's Big Quilting Adventure for a challenge to make 11 projects in 2011.

My first finish of 2011 was a snowman wallhanging.  When I put away my Christmas decorations I always put out my snowman things.  I had been wanting to make this one for a couple of years and finally got to it!  You can read about it here.

The first big project I finished was my Stack 'N Whack Quilt.  It was a monthly project for my Piecemaker's Club in 2009, but I had some problems, Christmas came and I quit working on it.   Then this fall I picked it up again.  After finishing the top I sent it off to be quilted, got it back, and put the binding on it in January.  You can read about it here.

I'm going to count two things as my third project since one is so small!  I needed to make a new Valentine table topper since my SIL took mine last year!  I also made a small embroidered & quilted hanging.  You can read about them here and here.

A blue and white table runner was my 4th project.  I needed something to go with the snowman decorations around the house, so this was it!  You can read about it here.
Scrappy Stars Table Runner--I made another table runner to replace the blue and white one that was project #5.  
It is truly a scrappy table runner.  The fabric includes pieces  from JoAnn's, some Moda, and some Robert Kaufman. And, best of all it cost me nothing since everything came from my stash.  You can read about it here

I can't show a full photo of this project as it is a gift. I can finally show a photo of this quilt, as it was a Christmas gift for Tasha, and she received it on Christmas Day. 

I spent a LOT of time on this quilt.  It is the largest quilt I have ever made, and I free motion quilted it myself.  Quilting it myself falls under the "What the @#ll was I thinking????".  My machine just does not have the space to quilt a large quilt.  I fought and fought with it.  I do have some mistakes, but I hope the person I give it to  Tasha knows it was made with love.
Just to stay honest, here's a peek.
Wouldn't you know there's a glaring mistake in the quilting right there in the picture!!


A baby quilt for a new great niece--
She is due in November.  I'm ahead of the game.  Usually the baby  is 6 mos. (or more) old before the quilt is done!  Yay me!
It is covered in pink and brown polka dot goodness.  
I did straight line quilting in the middle.
I used a fancy stitch in the inner border, and meandered in the outer border.
Now I need a label and its ready to go!


Project number eight is my 1600 Jelly Roll Quilt.  

I used a jelly roll of Strawberry Lemonade by Me and My Sister by Moda.
                                                                 It measures 48" x 63".
I quilted it with a cross hatch design.
It's on my shelf until I decide if I am keeping it or giving it away.


Project #9 was a quilt for my grandson, Colby.
I used Case IH fabric for the squares and the back, and Kona cream for the sashing.
The pattern is "Baby Lattice Quilt" from Moda Bakeshop. 
I straight line quilted it from two angles.  


Since Chance is now a big brother he will soon be going into a "Big Boy Bed"!  His parents wanted him to have a quilt for his bed, so this was his big Christmas gift this year.
The fabric is Wanna Be a Cowboy by Samantha Walker for Riley Blake.  
The pattern is Simply Authentic from Piece N Quilt.  You can find it here.
It measures approximately 80" x 90".
I didn't follow the layout direction exactly, but changed it up to feature the fabrics I wanted to have show.  I could only get a small amount of the real cowboyish fabric and I wanted it to all show when placed on the bed.
I straight line quilted it.  
Chance snuggled up with it as soon as he opened the package!


This quilt was a gift for Travis for Christmas, so I couldn't show it earlier either.   
It is HUGE!!  I didn't really pay attention to size, I just used shirts that I knew he would like.
On this one I made all of the squares the same size except the middle ones.  This was much easier than Tasha's which I made the size of the print on each t-shirt.
Travis had a lot of t-shirts and jerseys to choose from, so I put a few on the back.

I started quilting this myself with clear thread.  My machine began to give me problems, and I was stressed, so I got someone to finish it for me.  She, however, used gray thread.  You really can't tell the difference unless I point it out.

And that is 11 in '11, but I do have one more completed project to post tomorrow.  It was made in '11, so it should count!

Clara's dad, Kyle, has mentioned several times the little cloth house his grandmother made that went over a card table.  He talked of all the fun times he and his siblings had with that little house.  It was even at the visitation for his grandmother who was a quilter and sewer.  This had me thinking about my kids playing with blankets over the table and all the fun they had too.  So I made Clara a little house for Christmas.
 It was a big hit Christmas Day!  Here you can see Chance sticking out of it!

I used a pattern, but I did adapt it some.  

The playhouse really does fit better than it appears in the photo, but there were little ones inside pulling on the fabric and having a great time!  In researching these I found an etsy that gave me lots of ideas.  You can check it out here.  Now, if I could find enough customers to pay me that much for the playhouses I might be able to consider retiring in a few years!!  I have a lot of ideas for some of the other grandkids, so stay tuned.

And I'm counting this as #12 in '11!!!


Trilby had already graduated before I decided I would make t-shirt quilts for them, so we hadn't saved all of her t-shirts. 
Since she was in 7th grade when we moved, she went to Pomeroy for half of her schooling and had some of those shirts, so I decided to incorporate those.
I free motion quilted the sashing around the outside.
 I straight line quilted around each square, and I used a creative stitch along each edge of the inside sashing.
I pieced this in 2011 and finished it completely just two days into 2012, so I'm counting it as a 2011 finish!