Saturday, January 15, 2011

Stack N Whack Quilt

What is Stack N Whack you ask?  Well, you cut out squares of fabrics and stack them up, then cut out each piece, then take a piece of different fabrics to sew together.  So, each square ends up with different fabrics in different shapes.  I'm really not explaining it very well, but it was fairly easy to do, and I enjoyed it! I wanted something besides meandering and straight line quilting on this one, so I had it done for me.   I finally got it back from the quilter and sewed the binding on.

  I love the quilting.

The back looks great too.  She used brick red thread on the brick colored areas and brown on the rest.
It's certainly not "perfect".  Some seams that don't line up, a pucker here and there, etc.  But, for a beginner I'm pretty proud of it.  The colors look great in the family room where it hangs.
Now, on to something else!!

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