Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Thanksgiving in Texas--Part 2

    Our ultimate end location for Thanksgiving was Dalhart, TX.  So, after our quick few days in Dallas we headed that direction.  One always forgets how large the state of Texas is!  It was a six hour drive from Dallas to Dalhart.  Oh, my aching rear!!  Luckily my trusty driver got us there safely.

    On Monday and Tuesday we were able to spend some time with Chance and Colby doing a few things we don't get to do with them very often.  We took them to a movie--The Grinch!  A good time was had by all.

    I got to go to school to see them dressed for Thanksgiving Dinner.  It is a little strange, as the adults just go look at them all dressed up as they eat their dinner.  Thanks to Nessa for going with me!  You know you loved it!
Colby and Great-Nephew Graham
Charlie the Turkey

Chance the turkey
Eli the Turkey

On Wednesday the girls and their families arrived.  We were all finally in one place! (minus Mike) First time since last Christmas!
Trina, Tanner, & family

Trilby's boys + Clayton

Aela & Clara
Those who had never been to Dalhart were given the tour of G & G Operators, feedlots, & many other highlights.  Many of us enjoyed a visit to a local dairy that makes use of a carousel for milking 100 cows at a time.

Maddux, Colby, & Graham had a great time together!

We then enjoyed supper together at Travis and Kerry's along with Mom, Aunt Ruthie, Kathy, and Aunt Corrine.

Thanksgiving morning Dean and Gay continued their tradition of making and delivering cinnamon rolls for everyone.  We did find that Dean has hidden talents!

The Juilfs begam clan peeling potatoes at Travis and Kerry's early in the morning, as we were in charge of the mashed potatoes among several other things.
 These four serenaded Grandpa with several renditions of "Happy Birthday" giving Grandpa a taste of his own medicine!

Clara and KK have been anxious to get together since we spent
time as a family in Omaha about 1 1/2 years ago.  They had
a great time!
  Then we all gathered at Dean & Gay's for dinner, swimming, card playing, & visiting. There was certainly no shortage of food!!

Aela, Evalie, and Charlee had a great time together!

Friday morning some of us shopped.  Yes, I shopped some on Black Friday!  NOT my idea, but we went later in the morning and there really weren't any crowds.  Some of the guys went hunting.
Payton & Clayton

Travis, Chance, Colby, Tanner

Tanner & Grayson

 By late afternoon we all gathered at Dean & Gay's again for more swimming, eating, card playing, and visiting.  We also celebrated Bud & Payton's birthdays.  PAYTON TURNED 18!!  I can hardly believe it!!
The Birthday Boys--18 & 62.

Evalie snuggling up with Great-great Aunt Ruthie!

The older cousins!  Nessa, Trilby, Chansee, Trina, Chase, Travis, Tasha

Our card games can get serious.  Sometimes
injuries occur.  Name calling happens.
Their are winners and losers.  And a lot
of fun!!

Throughout the week as I had time I helped Gay decorate her house for Christmas.  Gay, Kathy, & I spent a good deal of time decorating the huge tree in the living room along with the mantle and the bookcases on both sides of the mantle.  It was beautiful when it was done.

Saturday morning we gathered once again at Travis and Kerry's for some pictures.  We then loaded up and one vehicle at a time, we departed.  We had not planned to leave on Saturday, but impending weather in Iowa forced us to leave early.

Grandpa & the boys including our "adopted" grandson, Clayton.
Yes, Clayton is the tall one in the front.  

We are so appreciative of the hospitality all y'all (for the record, this means everyone in the group) Texans showed towards us Iowans!  From feeding us, housing us, having sleepovers, and entertaining us, to just spending time with us. I was so impressed with the kids.  We had sooo many young kids spending time together and they got along so well!   We also appreciate the girls and their families for changing their normal Thanksgiving plans, taking the time to drive that far, and spending the $$ to travel.  We made fabulous memories!!

Sunday, December 9, 2018

Thanksgiving in Texas 2018--Part 1

I have been so busy preparing for Christmas that I have neglected Thanksgiving.  We were ALL in Texas this year!  We had a fabulous time!  We left home on Thursday, November 15th.  After spending the night in Wichita, KS we headed to Oklahoma City to visit the Oklahoma National Memorial.  We have talked about stopping for many years, but we have just never taken the time.

Although I enjoyed the museum, it was very emotional.  I just can't understand how the people dealt with it.  How quick thinking....and the stories...oh my.  All I can say, is you need to go through the museum.  And then count your blessings.
The empty chairs are very sobering.
This is across the street by the church.

Enough said......

We then traveled on to Dallas and met up with Travis, Kerry, and boys.  Friday night we met my cousin and his wife, Mark and Lori, for supper at Pappadeaux's. (If you like seafood you should eat there!  We've eaten at this one before and one in Albuquerque. Yum!)  We had a great time catching up!

Saturday morning we got up and headed to Magnolia in Waco.  We got there just as they were opening, and they were having a pop up sale in a tent out back.  They gave you a bag that you could fill for $50.  We got $500 worth of stuff for $50!! Yay!!  Then we shopped and had a treat from the bakery. 
Our bag full of goodies!

The Magnolia Silos behind us



Although Chip and Joanna did not show up to greet us, they did
leave us this nice note!! :)
We then headed back to Dallas for the real reason we went there.  And that was to watch Chance play football in the Cowboy's Stadium!  We watched him play all afternoon then toured the stadium.
Chance out on the field.  Coach Travis is in the blue shirt.  
A wide view of the stadium

Cheerleaders' Locker Room
Players' Locker Room

Coach Fred(aka Colby) on the field.He
is obsessed with the head coach.(Guy
in red.)  Travis is in blue to the right.
On the field at the Cowboy's Stadium.
(AT&T Stadium)

Sunday morning we headed to Fort Worth to the Stockyards.  We enjoyed a yummy breakfast then watch the longhorns as they came down the street
Only Texans would put cowboy
boots & a hat on their steer!
A shoot out between Marshall
Dillon and Festus!

Our photo op with the longhorns!
Fred's Texas Cafe was recommended
on Diner's, Drive-ins, and Dives
and it did not disappoint!!

Travis, Kerry, & boys headed to Dalhart after lunch, but we had one more stop to make.  We visited 
Decorator's Warehouse in Arlington.  It is a Christmas lover's dream!!!!  It is a HUGE building FULL of Christmas decorations.  Anything you could think of they had!

With a car loaded to the gills with luggage, food, a 5' Santa, a TV as pictured above, and the two of us we set off on a six hour drive to Dalhart. 

Stay tuned for part 2.