Thursday, June 16, 2016

Bu-Nana Camp (aka Nana Camp) 2016

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WARNING: Picture heavy post!

As invitations were received this year there was some discussion amongst the grandkids about why we call it Nana Camp.  After all, Grandpa is there too!  Some called to ask me.  Some rationalized that Grandpa just fishes. (He does way more than that!) And some just worked on a new name.  So, Nana Camp will now be known as Bu(for Grandpa Bud)-Nana Camp.  Sounds like Banana Camp!

Once again we camped.  This time we were at a different campground, but still backed up to a playground.  The kids started arriving Friday morning, but they weren't all there until later Friday evening because of ballgames and Bible School.

We played soccer.
We fished on Friday and Saturday---

This is Aela's version of fishing!Colby was the only one who caught a fish.

The little ones really look up to Payton.
Clara and Nate fishing.

Checking out the worms.

Cael and Chance getting ready.

We hiked---

We visited Fossil Gorge---

We swam on Friday and again on Saturday---

We had a little competition---

After showers on Saturday night we enjoyed an outdoor movie, "Norm of the North".  Grandpa's yummy popcorn was a hit.

This year's craft was dinosaur fossils.  I made salt dough and the kids rolled it out and put the imprint of a dinosaur into it.  They were a hit!

The 4 years olds and 6 year olds had rest time every afternoon, we played at the playground, and we just had fun with cousins!

 A lot of food was consumed over the weekend!

Sunday morning the "big kids" joined us for brunch before they all went home.  Grandpa cooked eggs, sausage, & hashbrowns while Nana & co. made "big foots".