Thursday, August 29, 2013

Around My Yard

Not so long ago I took a little photo tour around some of my yard.

We have two of these rose bushes by the porch and they are gorgeous!

Love my sweet potato vine.

You may notice the water hose in several photos which is because we need rain soooooo badly that things have to be watered every night! Our grass is turning brown and this week's heat hasn't helped.

Love my plants!

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Sunday, August 25, 2013

Nana Camp Part 2

Nana Camp continued....(scroll down to read about part 1)...We left the pool tired, but everyone made it home awake! Next up was a bonfire and supper.

Nate loved the bing cherries and S'mores!

Hot dogs, cheese balls, bing cherries and S'mores were on the menu.

Then it was time to get cleaned up and into our jammies so we could go to the drive in movie in our yard.

Everyone had his/her personalized car.

Of course we had pop and popcorn!

Toward the end Nana's lap was the place to be. (They're exhausted!)

Much to my surprise everyone made it through the movie. The next morning they chilled with PBS before breakfast.

The little ones put puzzles together while the older ones slept.

Then it was time for snow cones!

There was some silliness that went on....

And the boys made Grandpa's favorite cookies!

Everyone went home just in time for supper. I'm sure they were all tired, but no one was as tired as Nana!

My hope is that my grandchildren are always best friends!

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Saturday, August 24, 2013

Nana Camp

Several weeks ago we had Nana Camp. That means we gathered up six grandchildren.

We did not take the three still in diapers!
We started out at the pool.

We swam which in reality means Payton mostly hung out with his buddies, although he did a nice job entertaining the little ones from time to time.

Cael spent most of his time jumping off of the diving board and hanging with some buddies,

while Chance and Grayson spent their time jumping off the side with me catching them until my arms ached!

Clara couldn't decide if she wanted to swim or go home.finally I made them take off their life jackets and play in the shallow end, and they had a great time!

Nate spent his time jumping with the little boys and playing with the big boys.

Of course we had to take pool breaks every hour at which time we snacked.

And acted silly!

Grandpa was the official photographer for the afternoon since he wasn't too keen about getting in the water.

Everyone had a good time, and didn't really want to leave after four hours!

Stay tuned for part two tomorrow.

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Friday, August 9, 2013

Canning Time!

The weather the past few years has not been conducive to apple growing around here. Which means we are totally out of apple sauce, and our apple pie filling stock is low. Luckily this year we have apples! so begins canning season.....
Cinnamon applesauce......

Sweetened with cinnamon candy.....(the Grandkids love pink applesauce!)


We got 52 pints, so that should be good for awhile. Another batch and maybe some apple butter will be on the list next week.

The bad news is that our best apple sauce tree took a tumble during a recent storm. It is still alive enough for the apples to grow, but this is probably the last year. :(.

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Sunday, August 4, 2013

Clara's New Dress!

Our granddaughter, Clara, has started asking to come to our house every time we see her. Saturday she spent the afternoon with us working with Grandpa to start with then moseying down to the sewing room with me. She wanted me to make her a dress! So, I pulled out some fabric and a book.

She chose a dress---

Then I measured her and put her down for a nap.(that was part of the deal!)
When she woke up the dress was ready for her!

I did change it up a bit by adding the band at the bottom. The pattern also had some directions that I changed up for ways I thought would give me a more professional looking dress.

Since it is the end of summer I decided to make the dress a little on the generous side is she can wear it for a couple of years. She loved it, although she didn't want her picture taken!

Back in the day(since about 1969) I mainly sewed clothing, first for myself while in junior high and high school, then for my boyfriend(now husband), then my kids. After the kids got a little older and didn't want homemade clothes except for the occasional skirt, I moved on to crafts, and now to quilts. It was fun to try my hand at this again! I'm hoping if Clara spends enough time in my sewing room that she'll sew with me someday!!

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