Sunday, August 4, 2013

Clara's New Dress!

Our granddaughter, Clara, has started asking to come to our house every time we see her. Saturday she spent the afternoon with us working with Grandpa to start with then moseying down to the sewing room with me. She wanted me to make her a dress! So, I pulled out some fabric and a book.

She chose a dress---

Then I measured her and put her down for a nap.(that was part of the deal!)
When she woke up the dress was ready for her!

I did change it up a bit by adding the band at the bottom. The pattern also had some directions that I changed up for ways I thought would give me a more professional looking dress.

Since it is the end of summer I decided to make the dress a little on the generous side is she can wear it for a couple of years. She loved it, although she didn't want her picture taken!

Back in the day(since about 1969) I mainly sewed clothing, first for myself while in junior high and high school, then for my boyfriend(now husband), then my kids. After the kids got a little older and didn't want homemade clothes except for the occasional skirt, I moved on to crafts, and now to quilts. It was fun to try my hand at this again! I'm hoping if Clara spends enough time in my sewing room that she'll sew with me someday!!

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Beth Swantz said...

So cute!!!

Karen said...

Pretty dress! I am sure that you will have many more days of sewing with your little grand. It is so rewarding to sew for little ones!

Laurie said...

That dress is adorable! How fun to create it while she was asleep, a sweet surprise I'm sure!