Saturday, August 24, 2013

Nana Camp

Several weeks ago we had Nana Camp. That means we gathered up six grandchildren.

We did not take the three still in diapers!
We started out at the pool.

We swam which in reality means Payton mostly hung out with his buddies, although he did a nice job entertaining the little ones from time to time.

Cael spent most of his time jumping off of the diving board and hanging with some buddies,

while Chance and Grayson spent their time jumping off the side with me catching them until my arms ached!

Clara couldn't decide if she wanted to swim or go home.finally I made them take off their life jackets and play in the shallow end, and they had a great time!

Nate spent his time jumping with the little boys and playing with the big boys.

Of course we had to take pool breaks every hour at which time we snacked.

And acted silly!

Grandpa was the official photographer for the afternoon since he wasn't too keen about getting in the water.

Everyone had a good time, and didn't really want to leave after four hours!

Stay tuned for part two tomorrow.

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Anonymous said...

Love the photos. Grayson had a great time!