Saturday, September 14, 2013


Long time, no blog! With the start of school came a new job in a new building. It was a change I applied for and happily received, but it also came with:
1. a once a week college class
2. homework
3. learning a new routine
4. learning the names of MANY new kids
5. teaching students in K-4 (We have 5th grade, but none of them are on my roster.). That means all new lessons!
Also, the apple trees have been full, and the tomatoes keep coming despite no rain! So far I've put up 32 pints of applesauce, 15 jars of pepper jelly, 54 quarts of apple pie filling, 22 quarts of salsa and 8 quarts of tomatoes. I'll be doing more apple pie filling, spiced apples, and pasta sauce this week.

So there's my list of excuses for not blogging lately!

I did do a little sewing over the summer, but contrary to the way I usually am I have some unfinished projects. Here's what was on my design board a couple of weeks ago.

I hope to get some sewing in again one of these days.

Stay tuned for finished photos within the next couple of months!

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