Sunday, March 24, 2013

A Barn Raising!

My grandson Nate had a birthday that I missed as I was too sick to sew! FINALLY, I got it done.

It all started with this pin on Pinterest.

I knew I wanted to make one and turn it into a barn! Bud bought and cut the PVC pipe following the direction on the blog Angry Julie Monday. I however, purchased fabric and began the task of making it look like a barn sans pattern! Here it is with the roof completed.

Of course wouldn't you know that without a pattern to follow I didn't buy enough fabric. Luckily they had more to match when I went back. I spent a lot of time measuring, sewing, trying it on, and tearing out.:(. But in the end he loved it!

I put hay bales and a kitty on one side. Along with a window. You can see the pitchfork on the front, but what you can't see is the window and cornstalk behind Nate.

And on the other side there are more cornstalks and another window.

If you could look closely you would see John Deere fabric above the door. That was added just for Nate as he is such a John Deere kind of guy I wasn't sure he'd like it without it! (He only wears John Deere clothes.).

I hope Nate enjoys it for a long time and then keeps it for his kids to play in someday.
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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

A Few Christmas Photos

The Vicious Lumberjack!

Trilby, Mike, & boys

Trina, Tanner, & boys

Goofy Payton

Nate eating his Oreo while Grayson tries to get his. ( We played Minute to Win It games, and one was getting an Oreo off your forehead into your mouth with no hands!)

Kathy and Cael compete. Sorry Kathy! Too funny!

The always smiling Maddux!

Clara shows off her new crayon bag.

Nana and Chance enjoy some snuggle time with a good book.

Somehow Colby and Aela didn't make it into any of my pictures. :(
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Sunday, March 10, 2013

A Sleeping Bag for a Boy

Grayson celebrated his 3rd birthday on February 13th. I wasn't feeling good for his party and didn't have his gift made yet, so we went up the night of his birthday to celebrate with him. We went bowling and out for pizza. HereGrandpa gives him some bowling tips.

Nate went with us since he was celebrating a birthday in February too. We had a great time!

I made Grayson a sleeping bag for his birthday complete with a matching pillow.

It rolls up into a nice little package.

I quilted it with some straight lines.. I used a pattern from Moda Bake Shop. It calls for a layer caked, but I choose my fabric and cut it into 10" squares.
Grayson tries it out.....only pretending to be asleep!

And he's ready to go with it all packed up.

I hope he enjoys it for many years. Happy Birthday, Grayson!

Thursday, March 7, 2013

A Family Celebration

When our kids were young and my Dad was still living we all lived in Pomeroy, except my brother, and Christmas was a big celebration at my parents' home. My brother and his family would often come from Texas to celebrate with us. We were all there...aunts, uncles, cousins, all celebrating together.
But then things change. Mom and Dad moved, Dad passed away, we moved, then my sister and her family moved. We still celebrated Christmas together, usually on Christmas Day, but as the kids grew up it got harder to celebrate together on Christmas Day. So, we started the new tradition of celebrating sometime in January. We eat, open gag gifts, and play Bingo.
(Somehow I lost my picture.:(  )

Trilby was our Bingo caller(Clara was her helper).  Dad used to be our caller, and we always try to imitate him in some way...the tone of his voice, or the phrases he used.
Here the kids are passing their gifts as I read Mr. And Mrs. Right.  (It's a little story and they have to pass the gifts left or right each time I say the word.)

Clara and Dakota enjoying a little girl time as they eat.

The little boys ate at the bar.

Payton chose the adult table this year.

We had good conversations.

And a catnap or two throughout the day.(Complete with whatever dog happened to sit on your lap!)

Some of us left with interesting gifts, some with junk for gifts, and some with gifts we actually liked!

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Tuesday, March 5, 2013

In our usual fashion we made some Christmas gifts this past Christmas.  As I was browsing around Pinterest 
as I sometimes do.  Well, maybe I should say, as I OFTEN do, I happened on this.
With all of the growing grandchildren we have I thought this would be a perfect gift for each family.  So, of course I enlisted Bud's help.  He knows lumber, and I don't!  He bought the boards, cut them, and routered the edges of each board.  Then he stained the boards.  I was up next. I painted the lines and numbers on each board.  The final step was a light coat of clear gloss then picture hangers on the back.  We ended up with this: 
Well, actually we ended up with four.  I'm not sure where the fourth one was at this point.   Anyway, we gave one to each of our kids for Christmas.  I look forward to seeing the marks on there as the grandkids grow.  And, best of all if they move it can go with them unlike a doorjamb!
Here Grayson is standing by his before it is hung.  If you are interested in making your own. Check out my board on Pinterest titled For the Home, or go here for directions.

We enjoy making things for our family, and we hope they enjoy them as well.

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Long Time.....No Post!

Yes, it's been quite some time since I posted. I have been sick since about the second week of January.

That's pretty much how I was looking lately! I started with a cold that was turning into sinus infection, but I was wishing it away and didn't want to miss any school because we had a trip to Vegas planned. Then while we were in Vegas I got very sick. Made it home and I was diagnosed with influenza and sinus infection. I missed a couple more days of school. Then I finally felt better and I had about three days of feeling good before I got sick again. This time it was the stomach/intestinal stuff. I missed more school. FINALLY about Tuesday of last week I could eat more than the BRAT diet. I'm actually unfeeling normal now. On the upside I lost a few pounds, but I wouldn't recommend that diet to anyone!

I have a lot of posts to catch up on. Come back tomorrow!

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