Thursday, March 7, 2013

A Family Celebration

When our kids were young and my Dad was still living we all lived in Pomeroy, except my brother, and Christmas was a big celebration at my parents' home. My brother and his family would often come from Texas to celebrate with us. We were all there...aunts, uncles, cousins, all celebrating together.
But then things change. Mom and Dad moved, Dad passed away, we moved, then my sister and her family moved. We still celebrated Christmas together, usually on Christmas Day, but as the kids grew up it got harder to celebrate together on Christmas Day. So, we started the new tradition of celebrating sometime in January. We eat, open gag gifts, and play Bingo.
(Somehow I lost my picture.:(  )

Trilby was our Bingo caller(Clara was her helper).  Dad used to be our caller, and we always try to imitate him in some way...the tone of his voice, or the phrases he used.
Here the kids are passing their gifts as I read Mr. And Mrs. Right.  (It's a little story and they have to pass the gifts left or right each time I say the word.)

Clara and Dakota enjoying a little girl time as they eat.

The little boys ate at the bar.

Payton chose the adult table this year.

We had good conversations.

And a catnap or two throughout the day.(Complete with whatever dog happened to sit on your lap!)

Some of us left with interesting gifts, some with junk for gifts, and some with gifts we actually liked!

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