Thursday, February 26, 2015

A Snowy Day Inside and Out

Since we got more snow last night I thought it might be time to share my snowman decorations.  I love to decorate my home, so when I put away Christmas decorations the snowmen come out.  Soon I will decorate for spring and Easter.  But for now.....
 The mantle is flanked by the Frozen tree for the grandkids, and several evergreens, along with snowmen.
The snowman quilt that I made hangs above the couch.
The bar between the living room and kitchen is full of snowmen.  Some I made, some gifts, and some purchased.

The snowman tree is still gracing the sunroom along with a few other snowmen.

The many snowmen greet you as you step into the foyer.

And the dining room has a few wintery things, but I really ran out of steam on the table centerpiece.  That's on my list to fix for next year!

Can't leave out the bathroom!

 Only a couple of snowmen hanging out in the kitchen.

And then just a few miscellaneous things around.
Yes, there were several little peeks of Valentine's.  I don't really decorate 
for it, but I have a couple of things out.

And now soon I will put them all away again for another year.  
Maybe if I put them away this weekend spring with sprout sooner!
One can always hope!

Sunday, February 15, 2015

My Talented Hubby Makes Christmas Gifts

    As I work away in my sewing room Bud works away in his wood shop.  Last fall he made several benches for sitting around  our fire pit.  It was nice to always have them there instead of dragging out the lawn chairs as we had been doing each time we lit a fire.  This Christmas he make each of our kids one.  He personalized each one with their interests in mind.

    Trilby and Mikes' had the tailgate of his old Ford pickup, The High Roller, as the back.

    Travis and Kerry's has the silhouette of an Angus show calf on the back of it.
Tasha and Kyle's has a Ford tailgate with the Capper Ford emblem on it, which is where Kyle works.

And Trina and Tanner's has a Cubs emblem on the back of it.  Tanner is a huge Cubs fan and so is Trina by default!
He really enjoys working with wood.  It may run in his blood as his uncle was an excellent woodworker.  He also spent time helping my dad with many projects.  
 Hopefully the kids enjoy what he made them.
He also made several grandkids Christmas gifts, but that will wait for another post.