Sunday, January 9, 2011

Snowman Wallhanging

Since Bud and Payton spent their day deer hunting, I was able to spend the day sewing.  Well, half of the day anyway, since I had to put out my snowman stuff  which leads to moving things around, which leads to cleaning, ....well, you get the point!  Anyway, I sewed most of the afternoon and got two snowman wallhangings done.    This one is mine and is hanging on the wall!
I used fabric from my stash and a borrowed pattern called Jack Frost.  
I meandered the entire thing except for the snowman.
I made another one with some of the same fabric and some different fabric.  It still needs binding 

But I do think the snowman needs a mouth.  What do you think???


Gay Graham said...

The snowman definately needs a mouth. If he doesn,t have a mouth how can he talk?

Anonymous said...

yes he needs a mouth.

Anonymous said...

agreed - a mouth is needed. . . . he has to be able to talk, and EAT! ;)

Trilby said...

I think the snowman needs a mouth too. They both look great. Have you decided which one you are going to keep?

Angie said...

That snowman is ADORABLE! Which pattern did you use for him? I wouldn't mind seeing him hanging on MY wall. :D

Anonymous said...

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