Thursday, February 3, 2011

Snow Days #1 & #2!

We were predicted to have 10"to 14" of snow between Tuesday afternoon and Wednesday noon.  Many times we prepare for "the big one" and it never happens.  BUT, this time the meteorologists were absolutely right!!  We got out of school early on Tuesday, and we stayed home Wednesday and Thursday. I really was thrilled about Tuesday.  I can always use a break mid-winter, but I didn't really need Thursday.  Hopefully we are done with snow days now.

Staying home gave me some time to work on the benefit we are having for my brother-in-law who is dealing with esophageal cancer and can no longer work.  I've been busy contacting many businesses looking for things to donate and make some money to help them with their living expenses.  I've created a blog about it.  If you are interested you can view it here, or click on it in my sidebar--For Dale's Benefit.

I also got in some sewing time.  I've been working on a few Valentine's Day projects.  I have two things to sew binding on, and another thing to finish.  I did finish one little project.
It combines two things I love to do--embroider and sew!
And it just fits on this little stand I just bought.
Back to the real world tomorrow!!
 (On hard surface roads only.)

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Laurie said...

That square is so cute Kim! You made great use of your time off. We had about 12" here, and the drifting makes it look like triple that. Drive safe tomorrow!