Sunday, February 27, 2011

Catch Up!

We were so busy preparing for my BIL's benefit that I forgot to post birthday wishes for our grandson, Nate!!  We had originally planned to celebrate Nate's birthday and my birthday on the 20th, but when the benefit was scheduled that changed things.

 We haphazardly celebrated Nate's birthday at Grayson's birthday party.  (Sorry Nate!)  
Nate turned four on February 17th.  He is quite shy and REALLY doesn't cooperate when we get out the camera.  But, he loves Cuddles, so he was happy to pose with her!

Another thing he loves is the buns at Texas Roadhouse!  We always take the boys to the Sportshow to look at the boats, campers, fishing/hunting gear, see the presentations, and fish in the trout pool. 
The boys had a great time, as always!
I just have to post a few photos of Grayson and his birthday cake.  He didn't hesitate to dig in!

 Since this is turning out to be  a grandchildren post I would be remiss in not including the other two!
Two of our redheads together!  Chance was "helping" Aunt Tasha prepare for the benefit.
Clara was enjoying herself at Grayson's birthday party.
Until next time.....

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Trilby said...

What a bunch of cute kids!! Thanks for posting for Nate. He is still hoping for another "Christmas" party soon and hasn't let me put the Mickey Mouse cake pans away. I have a feeling we will be making one on our next day off.