Sunday, February 13, 2011

Happy Birthdy Grayson! & Valentine Prep

A year ago today we welcomed our grandson Grayson into this world!
He has now grown into an active little guy.  
Happy Birthday, Grayson!!
We'll be there to party with him today.
Last year for Valentine's Day I made this table topper.  But my sister-in-law showed up while it was on my table and she liked it.  So, nice person that I am (right, Gay!),  I gave it to her, which means I didn't have one.  So I ordered more L'Amour by Moda and made myself a new one!
Add some hearts in a bowl, and Wa-la!  A Valentine looking table!
I have a few other Valentine things mixed in with my snowmen, but winter is still the theme at my house!
Yesterday I was busy making little treats for my students and grandchildren.
First, I put some marshmallows on candy sticks, then I melted some almond bark in a coffee cup and dipped the marshmallows into it.
Then rolled them in a little decorative sugar.
 Let them cool and harden.
Then wrap them in cellophane.
I then added a Valentine tag (but forgot to take that photo).
I also dipped pretzels in almond bark and sprinkled them with red sugar for the adults.
Have a great day!


Fun With This and That said...

I'm going to try and make them.For St Pats day,Love my mug rug Swap Your is sewn so neat. I really like quilted things but not very good at it .Thank You!!!! Laura

Heidi said...

I love these litle marshmallow pops. What a great idea.