Sunday, January 24, 2010

Catch Up

We had snow day #6 this past Wednesday.  Technically it was an ice day.  This is a picture of the ice on my front porch.

And this photo is the inside of the railing which has a roof over it.

All that ice also led to a 2 hour late start the next day.  Late starts are something we rarely have.  Our superintendent doesn't really believe in them. He thinks two hours doesn't make much of a difference.  That leads us to driving on some slick roads at times.  I was thankful for this late start as the snowplow didn't come by until right before I was to leave home.
What did I do all day?  Well, I sewed of course!  I had worked on Trina and Tanner's baby quilt the night before and had almost gotten the top together.  I wasn't happy with it and thought about it through the night.  So, I tore it apart and started over.  Got it all completed and sent it off to be quilted.  I can't show pictures until the baby is born.  They've seen the fabric(The Very Hungry Caterpillar), but I want them to be surprised with how it turned out.
Yesterday I spent a large chunk of time  with these:

They're 41 science journals to evaluate.  It's report card time, and the science grade was the last thing I had to do.  After several hours I had them completed and grades posted.  Wohoo!  Report cards done for another quarter.  Now to get the parent teacher conferences done.
After that I hit the craft room.  I still had those L'Amour charm packs to do something with.  I used one pack and made this table topper. Using the free pattern from The Fat Quarter Shop.

I just machine quilted straight lines  throughout the middle.  Then I  sewed hearts in the border.  I think you can see them in this photo.  It still needs to be washed and dried and then it will be put on my table.

Sore shoulders and an aching back is what I got with all of that sitting, grading, and sewing!  But it's a good feeling of accomplishment.


Carol said...

Very cute Kim, I love it. I also love the L'Amour fabric, it's the best Valentine fabric out this year. The hearts in the border are great. Thanks for your nice compliments on my table topper and for directing me to your blog, I've added you to my favorite blog list.

Trilby said...

What a cute table topper! We were not as productive as you were! We played a lot of video games and read books. It was nice to hang out but didn't get a lot of work done!

Beth Swantz said...

you are truly a blogger of be referenced in another blog!
Congratulations - on the table topper and your blogging expertise!!
I'm so proud!

Anonymous said...

I really think that topper is a good gift for your sister-in-law. Since I saw the fabric before the project, it really looks nice.

Theresa + Kent said...

Love the table topper! And I'm so impressed that you just got the material and finished it already. Hmmm, I believe I have yet to finish a "quilting" project.