Monday, January 18, 2010

New Fabric and a Swap

I stopped by JoAnn's tonight to look for some Valentine(ish) fabric.

I'm hoping to make a Valentine quilt, although I don't think it will be done this year!  I also picked up some white for a baby quilt and some polka dots just because.

I love new fabric and the projects that roll around in my head when I touch them.  Now, the difficult part is to actually use them!
I participated in a fall swap. I sent a box full of these things to my partner in Canada.

It took a while, and I got a little impatient, but I finally got a box full of these great things:

Unfortunately I didn't get to use the items this fall, but I now have some new things to look forward to putting out next fall!  Thanks, Trudy.


Trilby said...

The valentine fabric is cute! Love the hearts!

Theresa + Kent said...

Oh the possibilities you can ponder when looking at uncut fabric!