Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Bits & Pieces

Iowa 24    Georgia Tech 14
What a great game we watched last night!  Adrian Clayborn did an amazing job, and we are thrilled he is coming back instead of going pro!  He is so deserving of his Player of the Game award.  I was disappointed that many of my Texas relatives overlooked this game.  Come on,  you were born and raised in Iowa at least support us!!!
Go Hawks!!

On another note---I am hand quilting a Christmas wall-hanging.  I keep putting it down because I am disappointed in my skills as a quilter.  It has been many years since I've hand quilted much, but it seems I just don't have the touch.  I look at the Amish quilt hanging in CURVES right now, and it has such evenly spaced, even sized straight stitched.  I'm just green with envy.  Now I can't decide whether to finish it. (I'm almost done.)  Or rip everything out and have it machine quilted.  Most people that will see it probably don't know much about quilting so it won't matter.  But it will matter to me.  What would you do?


Trilby said...

Get over being so picky and enjoy the fact that you do know how to do it, you have the beautiful piece to look at, you are healthy enough to do it, you have the eyesight to do it. What is your new mantra "Let it go!!" And you are right, YOU will be the only one to be picky about it. I thought it looked great!!!

Trina said...

I think you should finish doing it by hand. I think what you do looks great, even if it isn't perfect. People respect a piece that has been hand quilted more than one that has been machine quilted.

The Hartsocks said...

i agree - hand quilting (even if not perfect - which, by the way, I think lends to the uniqueness of it!) is wayyyyy more cool than machine quilting. let. it. go. ;)

Tanner said...

I think you should finish it. Once you finish it you can call it done and start something new. If you hate it, you never have to look at it again. At least you finished.

I guess that's like eating all of your supper when you were a kid. If you take it, you eat it. You may not like it, but when you are done... you done. Next time you will think twice before putting it on your plate.

ps. I'm sure it looks better than you say it does.

Kath said...

Alot of people envy your talent. Don't sweat the small stuff.