Sunday, January 31, 2010

Saturday Stuff

Friday after school we headed to my sister and brother-in-law's  to help  tile the washroom floor.  Bud got the cement board down on Friday night and then we got up early Saturday morning to begin.

Bud did most of the work with Kathy assisting him.  I was just their gopher, running to town twice to get much needed supplies like mortar and pizza.  Dale is feeling the effects of chemo and radiation, so he was just a bystander this time. They got it tiled and Kathy will do the grouting this week.  I spent some of my time working on this little piece of embroidery.

Now to get it made into something.  But, I do have a problem.  I went down to my craft room to work on a quilt Thursday night and my iron wouldn't heat up!!  So, I'll be making a trip to town to purchase a new one.  So,  not much sewing can be done until then.

On our way home we went through CR to drop some things off for Trina and Tanner.  Trina is just four short weeks away from her due date.  She grows every time we see her. I'm sure she'll be happy to hear me say that! LOL

How was your Saturday??


Beth Swantz said...

I spent the day in the Iowa City Public Library working on the beginnings of a semester long research project. And the evening helping out at my 9-yr old niece's sleepover birthday party...four different craft projects for seven girls! And finally we watched the Miss America Pageant!

Actually - it was a great Saturday!!

Aunt Ruth said...

I spent the day watch TV and watch people across the street trying to get there car out from 12 snow Thursday. Dean shovel me out Friday.

Trilby said...

We spent the day at home while Mike worked overtime. The boys played and helped put laundry away. I worked around the house cleaning etc. Nate helped me make homemade pizza for supper! That was interesting! One pizza was a whole lot cheesier than the other! And he took a bite from green pepper that I was putting on one and loved it! :)