Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Happy New Year!!

Well, last year I made some resolutions, and I didn't do too well on them.  I guess I kind of forgot about some of them as the year progressed. .

1. I will lose weight this year. No, not to be a size 8--that will never happen! But to lose the weight I have gained this year from my inactivity from having back problems has caused--and maybe a little more! I certainly didn't accomplish #1.  Yes, I lost some weight, but I promptly put it back on.

2. I will be more active. This is a MUST according to the docs at UIHC Spine Rehab. I am supposed to do Cardio 4-6 times a week, weight lifting 3-4 times a week, and stretching/aerobic 7 days a week. I did really well on #2 until, and this is really dumb---summer.  I wasn't in the routine of getting up early, doing my back exercises, and just went to CURVES.

3. I will lower my stress level. This also is a MUST according to the docs. The only way I have been able to do this so far is to lower my own standards on some things and "let it go". Actually "Let it go" is my new mantra!
 I think I did pretty well with #3.  I could do better, though.

4. I will relax more. We have had a year of work, work, work because of this addition. And, it really isn't in our blood to just sit around and relax. But we WILL learn to do this more.
We did some relaxing, but it seems we always have work to do.  We'll work on that too.  We did so so on this one.  

5. I will spend more time with my grandsons. I'd really like to spend time with the boys one on one. I'd like to start having them over or to do things one at a time so they can have more memories of good times with us!  I think we did pretty well on this one.

I think for this year I will keep all of these.  Hopefully at the end of 2010 I can report that I have done well on all of them!    

I wish you all well in 2010!

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avagdro said...

Thank you Kim for sharing your resolutions.Wish you all the very best besides Wish you a joyful New Year in advance.

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