Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Snow Days--1, 2, & 3

Well, winter is upon us!  We started hearing about this storm last weekend.  It was predicted to be a big one, but you just never know.  Nevertheless, Bud stopped at the grocery store to stock up on some essentials and a few baking supplies--just in case.  When we went to bed Monday night we thought we'd go to school and then have an early out.  But Tuesday morning about 6:15 the call came that school was canceled.  I was thrilled! I can always use another day to work on Christmas gifts even if I do have to make it up later in the year.  And I got a LOT done.

I worked with this black and white fabric again to make another gift.

I made the santa to go on my wall hanging.

I made the first of our Christmas treats--peanut clusters.

I cut rectangles  out of old blue jeans to use in a quilt.

And I did some hand quilting on my quilt.  And of course I did the laundry.

I used my day well, and would have been happy to go back to school on Wednesday, but we knew that wasn't to be.  The phone call came Tuesday evening about 7:00 p.m.  Another snow day on Wednesday!
That was to be expected due to the weather.

So on Wednesday I cut out more quilt squares and batting.  Did some applique and made this quilt.  (It still needs to have the seams clipped and washed so they fray.  That explains all of the lint!)

I can show you this one as I know my grandsons don't read my blog! :)  It may look similar to this quilt that I made last Christmas.  But that quilt was a queen size and this one is a lap robe for watching tv.  Payton is a Case IH nut!

I also worked on a blog for my brother.

I wrote our Christmas letter and did some more laundry.  Now, I'm ready to go back to school,  and I am  feeling a little better about the things I have to make for Christmas.

With the 8" or so that we've had along with the blowing winds, we figured we would have a late start and go hard surfaces only on Thursday.  Well, we were WRONG!  The call came about 7:15 p.m.  NO SCHOOL THURSDAY.  Now, this is getting old!!

This is what we have been dealing with--

I guess this means we'll be going to school in June!


Kerry said...

Loving the IH quilt!! I know a little (and a couple not so little) boys that would like one of those!

Aunt Ruth said...

Like your picture of the snow, it look pretty. But glad I'm just looking a the pictures. Waiting the the picture of Xmas lights on the house.