Saturday, April 17, 2010

Spring Things

 Spring is in full bloom here, and we're loving it!  The gorgeous red tulips on the south side of our house were beautiful, although I took this picture in the morning so they didn't look as good as they could have.
The phlox is a pretty purple.  The only problem with phlox is that the blossoms don't last long enough!
The hostas seem to be growing by inches each and every day.
We bought a Magnolia tree to plant in place of the redbud that died.  I love redbuds, but we spent a lot of money on one and it only lasted two years.  :(  We were looking at bedding plants last night and I REALLY wanted to get my plants for the planters.  BUT it is still April which means we may get frost and I'd have to worry about them.  So, I gave in and waited.  I hope they have good ones when I go back.  We'll be putting mulch out tomorrow.  And how is your spring?


Laurie said...

winter is fighting spring tooth and nail! We had scattered snow showers today! My perennials are all making their way, can't wait to start seeing some flowers!

Tanner said...

I like those hostas. Where did you get them?

Kath said...

Love the tulips. The moles or whatever, eat them as fast as I can plant them.