Thursday, April 8, 2010

Memory Quilt

Mom turned 70 March 29th.  Even though she has approached 7 with hesitation, I thought it called for a special gift.  So, I made her a memory quilt to hang on her wall.
I included photos of her as a young girl with her family and a saying about memories.
I included a family photo from when we were quite young and one of us with our kids and just one great grandchild.  Of course I included the great grandchildren--even the newest!
I put Mom's most recent photo on it and one of the last ones of Dad.  I also include the four generation photo that includes me!
Of course I put their wedding photo on it.
I couldn't forget my grandparents, and of course the three sisters on one of their yearly trips home.
I embellished it a little with some trim and flowers.  That isn't really my taste, but I know Mom enjoys it. I will give it to her when we go to Texas.  I certainly hope she like it!!


Trilby said...

The pictures don't do the quilt justice. It is really pretty and looks great hanging in Grandma's house.

Trina said...

I hope she likes it, it looks great!

Anonymous said...

The guilt looks great on your Mom's wall. Thanks for all the help for the wedding.Love Gay


Laurie said...

Wow Kim, it's beautiful! I love making memory quilts, but I have to say yours tops 'em! I'll be looking at it often for ideas! (Yeah I'm a thief :) )