Sunday, April 18, 2010

Oh Baby!!

Let me introduce you to my new Baby Lock sewing machine!
It has loads of stitches.  I've been playing with them, but I' pretty sure there are a lot there I'll never use.
It has an LCD display screen.  I'm REALLY not mechanical, so I hope I can figure out what all of those buttons are for!
And here it is in it's entirety.  My Baby Lock Quilter's Choice sewing machine.
It does have an extendable table and MANY feet.  I'm having a great time learning to use it.


Laurie said...

I'm drooling Kim!! What an awesome machine! Can't wait to see a sample of what it does! Post pics eh!!?

Anonymous said...

I had to call Trilby to do this. Your machine look great !!~~

Anonymous said...

Hi, I just got my same machine last week. I ordered it from the coast, as we have no dealers up here. I was wondering if you've got the free motion arm figured out yet. As I can't seem to get it to move about freely.
I have the feed dog down, but what do you set the Length - width and the xx at.. any advice would greatly be appreciated.
the manual doesn't have very much on it.