Friday, April 2, 2010

Finally a Finish!

After running out of fabric, the local Joann's being out, and then ordering it from another store, I finally  finished this quilt.  It is made out of soft flannels.

The seams are sewn on the top then cut to fray and look like chenille. Each rectangle is machine stitched with an X or a flower.
The pattern calls for it to be smaller and to finish the edges by stitching  around the edge and fraying them.  I added more rectangles and prefer to finish it with binding.  I think it just looks nicer that way.
It is for my DIL's birthday which has come and gone. 
Happy Belated Birthday, Kerry!

Gratitude:  I am grateful for eyeglasses.  I started wearing glasses as a fourth grader.  I had told my parents I couldn't see well, but my friend had just gotten glasses and they thought I just wanted some.  Finally, they were convinced to take me to the optometrist.  I remember the day I got my glasses.  I walked down the street and saw things so vividly I was amazed.  My eyes kept getting worse until finally at 13 I got contacts.(the old fashioned hard ones)  My eyes quit getting bad so quickly and I loved them!  I thought I would wear them until I was too old to get them into my eyes.  But, as age and allergies hit me I had to quit wearing them.  My astigmatism is too bad to wear soft, so I wear glasses once again.  A pain, but really a blessing.  I can't imagine my life without glasses.  I couldn't sew, drive, teach, etc.  I could read REALLY large print books, and maybe embroider if I held it close to my face.  So, thank you God for Salvino D'Armate who invented eyeglasses in Italy around 1284.  


Beth Swantz said...

very nice!!

Travis and Kerry said...

very nice, can't wait to wrap up in it!