Saturday, April 4, 2009

Fishing Shows

How excited are you to watch fishing on TV?? Well, I'm not excited at all. Bud likes to watch the fishing, hunting, outdoors type of shows when he can. And he has gotten the two oldest grandsons doing the same.

Friday evening Cael crawled up to discuss fishing with Grandpa.

I'd say they caught a big one! What do you think????

If Grandpa doesn't look too excited I'd guess that he is trying to focus on the fishing--you see Cael is a little Trina and he can talk NONSTOP, so Grandpa tends to tune things out!!! (Much like he does with Nana's voice!)


bets said...

maybe they need more options in their lives!!

Trilby said...

Poor Cael!! He does get tuned out way to often!! But never quits talking!!! Payton often hides the remote so that I can't change it from the fishing/hunting show that they are watching for the 10th time!!! Mike is just as bad when he has time! I guess living in a houseful of boys I need to get used to it!! I will have to just read a good book!

Trina said...

Hey! Cael and I just have a lot going on in our heads, and need someone to share it with.