Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Happy 50th Kath!

Guess who's FIFTY today???? My sister, Kathy!!! The chubby red head was born on April 8, 1959.

I don't really remember life without her as there are only two years between us. When we shared a bedroom I remember putting a strip of tape to mark off her half and she couldn't go on my side, but guess who got the side with the door. Me! She couldn't win!

She was quite the roly-poly little girl! She weighed 42 pounds at a year old!! And she weighed 42 pounds when she started kindergarten!

She was an excellent skier in about second grade, but oh the words that came out of her mouth. She didn't realize everyone could read her lips. I often had to bribe her to keep secrets---like the fact that my cousin and I smoked cigarettes out in the boat at the lake. Of course she had to tag along, but we kept her under control!

And then she grew up and got married to her high school sweatheart, Dale. Don't you love the cape? We looked all over Minneapolis for the trim! And don't they look like babies?!

Then she had two great kids--Clint & Brittany! ! We had a great time raising our kids together until we moved away and then they moved shortly after. When she was pregnant with Clint and I was pregnant with Travis, we made our doctor's appointments together so we could then hit the local dairy sweet for malts after we'd weighed in. People often thought the boys were twins even though they didn't look ANYTHING alike. Trina, Tasha, and Brittany were always close and got into their share of mischief--like dropping the tire on Trina's head on moving day, in a new community, on a Saturday, and no family doctor.

And now a wonderful grandson, Evan. Luckily Evan and Nate are close in age and we hope they will get to become great friends as they grow up.

Happy 50th Kathy! We've made a lot of memories in your 50 years and I hope we have many more years of memories to come!


Trilby said...

Happy Birthday to a terrific Aunt!! You are only as old as you feel! I would never guess you are 50!! I hope you have a great day!!

Kath said...

Thanks for the memorial. Very cute. You'd think I was dead!:)

Phyllis said...

I always wanted a sister- you are so lucky Kim and Kathy.
Happy Birthday Kathy.

Vickie Hodges said...

I love your blog!!! I'm just learning facebook...sure wish I could learn how to create a blog...is that the correct term? What a wonderful way to say I love u sis and the pics of Kathy were great!!! Thanks for sharing! I will need to show Jay when he gets in the house!!! And..thanks for posting Kathy's phone number to wish her happy bday!!