Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Conversations With a Five Year Old!

Our youngest grandson, Nate, had new tubes and adenoids out, so I took an emergency day to take care of Cael. Cael is five, but will turn six in June. Luckily he didn't start kindergarten so he will not be young for his class. Anyway, Cael like/LOVES to talk!! I've referred to this before, but once again I'd like to remind you that he is just like Trina was/is!! She talked/talks NONSTOP! Sadly I'm just not sure I appreciated it with Trina as I do with Cael.

Well, I was trying to do my exercises this morning(YUCK!--I mean--Yeah!) He tried to follow along but deemed it to be too hard. So, he decided to walk on the treadmill while I exercised. Here are some snippets of our conversation--

"Nanny, this treadmill is dusty!"

"I know, Cael!"

"You know if you used it more it wouldn't get so dusty,but I'll dust it for you today."

Chatter, chatter, chatter....

"You know, I'm a trained professional on this thing."

"Really?" (remember I'm exercising so one word is about all I can muster!)

"Yes, I'm a trained professional. I was born that way! Even before you had this treadmill I knew how to do this!"


"Yes, I can do lots of things. Nanny, could you do that when you were a little kid?"

"No, Cael, we didn't have one."

"What did you do for exercise?"

"I rode my bike all over town!"

"Oh, I'm not a trained professional on the bike, only this treadmill!" (He tried to learn to ride last summer, but never quite mastered it!)

Chatter, chatter, chatter.....

"Nanny, this sounds like a KHAK song. Where is it coming from?"

"It's on my video."

"Oh, it's contained on that? I'm good with words aren't I?"

"Yes, how did you get so smart?"

"Well, duh, Nanny! I watch Word Girl."

"Oh, what's that?"

"It's on after Martha."

"Oh, do you watch Martha Stewart with Grandma Shirley?"


Chatter, chatter, chatter,.....

And this is all before 8:30 a. m.! I think I'm in for some valuable lessons today!

And now for the giveaway! This is actually (also one of Cael's favorite words!) my 99th post if I can count correctly!
Anyway, For my 100th post I will tell you what I am giving away and how you can enter to win! Stay tuned and keep posting!


Kath said...

That is so funny about Cael always talking. Do you remember Brittany talking non-stop. I is fun to remember the big words they used to use. You had a very entertaining day.

Trilby said...

Welcome to my world!!! I get it non-stop all the time! Last night I was tuning him out and trying to take care of grouchy Nate and he said with a whole lot of attitude "Mom we are trying to have a conversation with you!!". I of course apologized and listened. He does have quite a vocabulary for a 6 year old!! Thank you IPTV!! You will no doubt learn a thing or two if you listen long enough!!

bets said...

I love this!!!

I can relate to Cael..I could talk that much - but of course I don't...at least I don't think so...well, not all the time...but I could...really I could...find that hard to believe???

corrine said...

I remember those days with the twins. At that time I thought I'll remember these cute comments and write a book containing their cute sayings. That doesn't work if you don't take notes. Memory gone.

Phyl said...

That reminds me so much of my little chatter box. When Luke was little he said some of the funniest things. We never knew what to expect. And he started talking non-stop at a very early age. No wonder Adam was always so quiet- he could never get a word in.