Tuesday, April 14, 2009

50th Birthday Dinner!

We've had a busy week which I will post about later. First, I want to share some photos of our birthday dinner for Kathy. We went to Kaji Japanese Grill in Cedar Rapids. Brittany made the reservations and got us all organized to go. She was there with Rory and Evan. Evan wasn't particularly impressed with some of the activities. Those celebrating with Kathy were; Dale, Clint, Brittany, Rory, Evan, Tasha, Trina, Tanner, Bud, and I. I hadn't had this experience before and was very leery as I looked at the menu as I'm picky!

Our waiter started our meal like this:

Evan didn't appreciate the fire!

Then cooked our food for us:

And he taught me how to flip and egg up off of the spatula, turn it, and crack the egg with the side. After several tries he said I did pretty well "for a white girl!"

At the end of our meal we made sure Kathy drank her "saki bomb". In the photo you see the waiter setting it up. It is beer in a glass with a shot of saki in the shot glass which sits precariously over the glass of beer. Then you say, "Itchy, nee, san." and then slam the table with your fists. The shot glass falls into the beer and it is then chugged. Kathy did a fine job with this. One would think she's chugged before!!

All in all, it was an enjoyable evening.


simple~needs said...

it looks like a great time!!
i sent you an email since we are porch swappers on char's blog. :)
email me when you get a chance. ;)

Trilby said...

Sorry that I wasn't able to be there! It looked like you had a great time!! Hopefully next time we can join the fun! Payton and Cael would have loved it!! Nate would have been leary like Evan!!

bets said...

looks like fun! When we had a fire like that on the turkey roaster...it wasn't as much fun! :)