Thursday, April 16, 2009


Bud and I traveled to Dalhart, Texas over Easter. Although my mom's entire family was born and raised in Iowa some of them got the Texas bug in the 70's. My brother went down to work between his junior and senior year of high school and then moved down for good after graduation. He now owns several businesses, but his main one is:

Two of their three children still live there. The oldest got smart and moved to IOWA!! They have a wonderful home:

Mom just moved there from Amarillo in the past month. So, we went down to visit and to help Mom. This is her new home:

It was rainy and chilly until the day we were to come home! Here we have Mom and Dean doing what they do best

while SIL works as usual!
While we were there we did enjoy a short visit with an aunt, uncle, and a cousin, lounged one evening in the hot tub, spent over two hours in church on Saturday evening, ate some yummy Mexican food, and worked on Mom's "Honey Do" list! Our time was short and we will have to make it back again soon.


Beverly said...

Your sister-in-law is rather large. She may want a retake her pic.

Anonymous said...

we enjoyed the pictures of Dean's and your Mom's houses. Could care less about the Texas sign.

Alisson said...

Hey Kim - it was great visitng with you and Bud while you guys were in Dalhart! Enjoyed watching you take care of Bev's honey-do list!