Sunday, April 5, 2009

The Demise of Two Favorites!

September 19, 1994--The first episode of ER was launched and I was there to see it. I have watched ER since then. I hated to miss Thursday night TV because of ER. Since acquiring the DVR it is on my list to record so I didn't have to miss it. The highly acclaimed drama series now holds the distinction of being recognized as the most Emmy-nominated series in the history of television with 122 nominations. A winner of the prestigious George Foster Peabody Award, the series has also earned 22 Emmy Awards, including Outstanding Drama Series in 1996, among many accolades. In addition, the cast has been honored with four Screen Actors Guild Awards for Outstanding Ensemble Performance in a Drama Series.

Sam Anderson, George Clooney, Anthony Edwards, Christine Harnos, Michael Ironside, Eriq La Salle, William H. Macy, Julianna Margulies, CCH Pounder, Gloria Reuben, Rick Rossovich, Sherry Stringfield, John Terry, Noah Wyle

This group was my favorite cast, of course. Anthony Edwards as Dr. Mark Greene, was always my favorite. He was in several heart wrenching scenes as a doctor, seemed maybe more "normal" to me than some of the others--dealing with child care issues, marriage issues, and sometimes self esteem issues. And his struggle and death with a brain tumor hit way to close to home for me! I spent many teary eyed nights before the TV with Dr. Greene.

Don't get me wrong, George Clooney, as Dr. Ross, was wonderful to look at and great to watch, but his playboy ways just didn't appeal to me as much!

Sadly, I watched the finale on Thursday night. I'm sure this is one I will revisit on reruns often!

The Guiding Light is a soap opera that I remember Mom watching. The Bauers were a prominent family that dates back to the beginning of the show and continue today. Here's a little history:

The “Guiding Light,” the Procter & Gamble soap opera that is the longest-running program in broadcast history, has been canceled by CBS. The last broadcast is scheduled for Sept. 18.

During its run, P&G Productions used the show as a platform to highlight social issues including discrimination against women in the 1940s and teen alcoholism and drug abuse in the 1980s. The show also has raised awareness about postpartum depression, AIDS, Down syndrome, leukemia and breast cancer. “Guiding Light” was the first soap opera, in 1966, to introduce leading African-American characters.

The network canceled the program after years of declining ratings, according to the New York Times. The audience for “Guiding Light” declined to 2.1 million viewers in 2008. Five years ago, it counted 3 million viewers.

P&G debuted “Guiding Light” as a 15-minute radio show in 1937 and moved to television in 1952. The show expanded to 30 minutes and converted to color, in 1967. A decade later, programming extended to an hour.

When my kids were young 2:00 was naptime and I could sit down for a minute and take a breather or rock a baby to sleep. And I would turn to Guiding Light. Reeva played by Kim Zimmer, has always been one of my favorite characters. I swear the woman is the best crier on TV!! Reeva and Josh have had a long time on again/off again love affair. They've been married and divorced several times and have gone through the most unbelievably weird times. But, their love for each other always stayed strong!

This soap opera is one that I lose touch with during the school year and try to catch up some in the summer. No, I don't record it, so I only see it now and then. I have to admit, it has changed so much that I don't enjoy it as much as I used to, however Reva and Josh are still carrying on!

This morning's news said they may find a new home, so there may still be hope for Guiding Light lovers!

Least you think I am a TV junkie, I am not! I just don't like the new reality tv shows that much so I hang on to the oldies like ER!


The Hartsocks said...

Kim - I too, watched the first and last episodes of ER . . . but have not watched it regularly for about 4 years (esp. since Grey's came on on Thursday nights). I think ER started to lose its appeal for me when many of the original cast members left - I liked the first seasons the best too - and was a big fan of Dr. Green; I remember sobbing when he died. I thought it was neat that Rachel came back for the last episode.

Trilby said...

For me in 1994 Thursday nights were "the" night. Friends also started in 1994. Being a college freshman, I had to make sure that I was done with my cleaning job, showered and had supper before 8:00 on Thursday nights!! My friends and I would watch Friends and then ER before hitting the bars! (Sorry Mom!!) Much like people get together to watch Greys! And I will always love Guiding Light! You got me hooked on it!! I can't believe it is leaving also! We are not huge fans of many shows these days. They are just not the same! Hopefully Josh and Reeva will find a new home and we can continue to watch their story!!

Trilby said...

Oh yeah, homework had to be done too. :)!! Shouldn't have forgotten to mention the homework!!

bets said...

ER has been my fav forever...when it started I had babies and Rod worked Thursday night. So, I'd get the girls to bed and have a night in front of the TV. Dr. Greene and Carter were my two favorites! The version of "Over the Rainbow" that played as Mark was dying still brings tears to my eyes!

And Guiding Light. I got so hooked on soaps when I first started teaching. I'd never had days off during the summer before. So, I loved all the channel 2 soaps - Guiding Light was my favorite. Reva and Josh made me so mad and so happy!

I had to cut myself off soaps when I realized my entire day was arranged around that block of time. So, I've missed many years...but that doesn't mean I don't have fond memories!

Do they make shows this good anymore???

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