Saturday, March 28, 2009

Manicure Memories

For my birthday this year Mom gave me a pair of manicure scissors. But mind you, they weren't just any pair of scissors! This pair was purchased in Los Angeles, CA in 1957.

The story is that grandma had traveled from Iowa to California shortly after I was born to see her newest granddaughter. Being the particular person that she was, she insisted Mom have a better pair of scissors with which to cut my tiny little nails. So, she walked around the corner to a drugstore and purchased this pair. She then proceeded to instruct Mom (as mother's do) NOT to lose those scissors as she paid $25.00 for them. And $25.00 was a lot of money in 1957! Well, Mom certainly listened to her as she still had them. I do remember using them all the time at home. How they survived all the moves and years I have no idea, but now they belong to me.


Kath said...

I remember using them. Never heard the story though. Considering inflation, those cissors should be worth about $500. HA HA

Trina said...

Wow! I am amazed that Grandma could keep track of those for so many years! Were they the "top of the line" back then? They sure cost a lot.

Laurie said...

For them to still be around amazes me since I can't keep track of a pair for more than a day! Whenever I find a pair laying somewhere I consider it a great day!
I'm having a riot it Iowa Kim, LOVE the Brass Armadillo!! I never got to Kalona, but when I come back in the fall with my sister and our frien, we have that on the list of things to do!