Tuesday, June 15, 2010



Time has really gotten away from me!  I've been busy, busy, busy!  What have I been up to you ask???? Well, not sewing, that's for sure, but lots of other stuff.

Click to viewFriday, June 4th was the last day of school for the kids.  It was a little bittersweet as we had a good year (give or take one or two students), and let's just say I'm hoping for a lot of maturing over the summer for next year's class!!  This was followed by the obligatory refreshments and meal at Carlos O'Kelley's!:)

Monday, June 7th was my last day.  It started off with community service in our building, meetings at the high school, and lunch at the superintendent's home.

Saturday, June 8th found Trilby, my sister, Kathy, and GS Grayson traveling to Onawa. We were a little unsure of this trip, and Bud packed earplugs because Grayson is known for NOT liking car rides and crying a lot when in the car.  However, he was a trooper!  Trilby and Kathy entertained him and he may or may not have watched a couple  videos of fourth grade plays with Michael Jackson music on the laptop!
While in Onawa we attended my niece's bachelorette party.  They hired a party bus to take us to a variety of bars in small towns around Onawa.

 I won't go into details, but a good time was had by all!!  Sunday we attended a bridal shower for her, then headed home.

Fast forward to Tuesday and Wednesday, my first "free" days of summer--I baby-sat with GS Grayson while Tanner was still in school and Trina returned to work for the second week since February.  We had a great time together.  He really liked  his thumb while I was there!
I hurried home Wednesday to attend a party for two co-workers who have retired. :(  It was a fun party, but we will certainly miss them!

Thursday I spent the day at UIHC with my sister and BIL as he had a chemo transfusion.  Please pray that this is the last one and that the scans they take in July show that he is free and clear.  Later in the afternoon we headed to the campground for the weekend.

Trilby, Mike, and boys, Kathy, Dale, and Clint all joined us on Friday with their campers.  Friday evening Travis, Kerry, and Chance stopped by.  Chance spent the night with us.  We awoke to LOUD thunder, wind, and rain about 4:00 a.m. Saturday morning.  Bud weathered (pun intended) the rain to change our awning a bit so the wind wouldn't take it.  Kathy and Dale lost theirs and Trilby and Mike's fell, but was fine.  Chance slept through it all and was ready to play by 7:00.
All of the kids were there at one point or another along with my niece, her husband, and son Evan.  
We celebrated Cael's 7th birthday.
What do you do when it rains and you're camping????

Play cards on Nana and Grandpa's bed, of course!

A few board games at the table also passes the time.

     This week is full of classes for me.  I hope to be back this weekend with a little sewing to share!


Laurie said...

Whew is right Kim! Have you had a chance to breath yet? The baby is just adorable as are all the kids. Your BIL is in my prayers.

Trina Roos said...

I have actually been back to work since May 17, which is more than 2 weeks...but anyway, thanks for babysitting and getting my child addicted to watching the TV/Laptop.
Good overview of the past couple weeks!