Saturday, June 26, 2010

Day Trip

 Bud had a little minor surgery last Friday and is off of work for a while.  He was getting a little cabin fever this week.   Since grandchild #6 could come any day we didn't want to go too far away, so we took a little day trip.  We started out heading south.  Our first stop was to check out a campground we had heard about but never been to--Lacey-Keosauqua.  It has a gorgeous shaded campground.
A nice playground for the grandsons.
They had cabins and a beach.
Our next stop was in a little town in southern Iowa--Cantril.  One of the papers that Bud reads always has an add for a store he's always wanted to check out.  And a friend has talked about it before.  It's called The Dutchman.  
It is quite a large store with everything from fabric to shoes to Bibles, dog food, candy, canning supplies, plants, and groceries among other stuff.  It is run by local Mennonite familes.  It has bulk groceries and a great fruit supply.  I spent my time among the fabric and bought a little plus a pattern and some preprinted panels to embroider.  It is very much like the Amish stores we have around here, but MUCH larger.
                                                   Driving through Bloomfield I couldn't help but snap a photo of this gorgeous Davis county courthouse.  I love old buildings, and this one looked well cared for.

  It has been raining continuously in Iowa lately, and Wednesday was no exception.  We drove through some hard heavy rain.  This photo of Lake Rathbun was taken as we were going over the dam and it had just quit raining.
We checked out one of the campgrounds and saw several "perfect" spots.  We like to be next to the water so Bud can fish without leaving our campsite.
Then around the lake we went to check out  Honey Creek Resort.  It starts off with a golf course, a campground, and then several groups of cabins.  Then next to the water is the hotel.  
The lobby is great with a huge fireplace.  The decor is mission style, which I love.  And it has a great water park.  

Finally, closer to home we stopped at Lake Belva Deer.  It is a small man made lake in Keokuk county. The cabins look nice and so does the campground.  I think it made the list for places to camp as we found some closer to the water.

So, that was our little day trip.  It got Bud out of the house, and we found some new places to camp. 


Laurie said...

What a beautiful drive Kim, gives me ideas for our trip to Iowa in October! I love the campgrounds you found, and the court house is so beautiful. Would love to visit the store!

Beth Swantz said...

you are such a good wife!!!

Anonymous said...
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