Saturday, June 5, 2010

Tea Time!

Another thing I have been working on is my sister's birthday gift.  I've had it finished for a while now, but I didn't want to share it until I gave it to her since she reads my blog.  I had previously given her this table runner.
So, I used the same fabrics to make her a wall hanging.

I just couldn't get a good picture!  The handles on the cups were appliqued.  The last time I appliqued I was young and thought I did a good job.  Most of what I do is self taught.  In this world of blogs where I see the wonderful things others do, I realize how little I really know about this quilting stuff.  Nevertheless, I thought they turned out fairly good, but I have room to improve. I hope she enjoys it.


Lynn said...

Kim, this is beautiful!! I am sure your sister will absolutely love it!!

I also love the table runner that you made for her too! So pretty!


Laurie said...

How cute! You did such a great job on both, I know she's enjoying them. You're a very talented lady, Kim!

Kath said...

I love my birthday present. I have it in the middle of my table and I put the runner in my kitchen bay window. Awesome! Thanks Kim!
Love Ya

Trina said...

Very cute

Beth Swantz said...

you are so talented!!