Sunday, May 2, 2010

Yard Creatures

We worked in the yard today, replanting, planting, and moving plants.  We got a lot done, but I had to come in when the allergies started bothering me.  I was sewing when Bud called and asked me where the snake was that I had seen earlier.  He wanted me to come out and look at what he had found.
We're pretty sure it's a bull snake, but it sure looked creepy! (And no, he didn't kill it.) The one I saw earlier was MUCH smaller.  It was a garter snack I'm sure.
Do you ever run into creepy creatures in the yard???


Kath said...

Dale wondered why Bud didn't lift it up so we could really see how big it was. Did he play with it? That snake is why you don't have mouse problems.

Laurie said...

EWWWW!!! Snakes and spiders, right up there with each other in the don't like category! You'd never know it though by the huge spiders we have in our doorways that we've actually named!

Theresa + Kent said...

We found a big snake like that last year in our yard. Not sure how loud I screamed, but I do know that I didn't take a picture and we DID kill it! (and by we, I mean Kent!)

Ugh! I HATE HATE HATE snakes!