Monday, May 24, 2010


Remember back in 1975 when Jimmy Hoffa disappeared and Patty Hearst was among the most wanted?  The patent was given for the first portable phone?  
Bic launched its first disposable razor? 
SNL debuted?  
Mohammad Ali beat Joe Frazier?  
Bruce Springsteen released "Born to Run"?  
We were watching Dallas, CHIPS, Starsky and Hutch, Charlie's Angels, and the Waltons?  
Well, we got married!
Now: 4 kids
3 son-in-laws
1 daughter-in-law
5(6?) grandsons
4 high school diplomas
5 college degrees
7 houses
1 large addition
3 towns
6 campers
4 dogs
3 cats
3 mini vans
numerous trucks, cars, & beaters

We are celebrating 35 years of wedded BLISS!!  Yes, we've had our ups and downs. We've had our challenging times and our happy times.  We've had great family vacations--Disney World, Sea World, MLB games, World's of Fun, Mt. Rushmore, Washington, D.C., Chicago, Kansas City, Minneapolis, Texas Road Trips, Tennessee Road Trips, North Carolina Road Trips, camping, swimming, and boating.  We had a wonderful 25th Anniversary party planned by our four wonderful kids and one son-in-law.  We love spending time with the kids, grandsons, and our extended family.  We are hoping for another 35 years.  Thanks you to all of you who have been a part of our lives.


Laurie said...

Have a wonderful day Kim, Happy Anniversary!
My son was born on July 1st of 75, isn't it amazing how fast time goes? Here's to 35 more years, filled with as much joy as your first!

Susan said...

Happy Anniversary! I loved how you counted down all the changes over the 35 years - a lifetime of wonderful memories.

Trina said...

Happy Anniversary, Mom and Dad! Boy has life changed.

Beth Swantz said...

You guys deserve the very best!!!
Happy anniversary!

Beth Swantz said...

Btw...your pics rock!!!!

Kath said...

Boy did you two look young! Congrats and many more!
Kath & Dale