Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Resolutions, Rockets, and Rehab

We are certainly meeting one of my New Year's Resolution--the one where I said I would spend more time with the grandsons. Payton spent the weekend with us again. He is able to ride the bus to Tasha's since it goes right be her house. She was home on Friday, so he played there until we met them in town for supper. Then Saturday morning we were off bright and early to Kathy and Dale's to butcher.
I actually baby-sat with my great nephew, Evan, taught Kerry to use her new sewing machine and how to patch jeans, and corrected papers while they butchered! At the end of the night Payton and Evan had fun together. What would they be--second cousins or first cousins once removed? I get confused with that stuff!

So, on Sunday I spent some time teaching him to tie his shoes. Yes, he is in second grade and had never learned to tie his shoes! He would
have someone else do them, wear his CROCS, or just stick the laces into his shoe. So, after he and I had worked on it, in comes Grandpa and WA-LA--Payton's knows how to tie his shoes! Next, was the project he need for the next day. He needed something about space--could have written a book, etc. etc.--but he wanted a model. So, the three of us worked on that for a couple of hours. We finished just in time for Bud to take him to wrestling and drop his project off at home. WHEW! We were exhausted!

I had my six week check-up at the University today. They checked to see how strong I have gotten, how much I could bend, etc. and we had a group session with the psychiatrist. I was actually pleased to find that I was doing more exercise than most of the others, even though I'm not doing EVERYTHING I'm supposed to do. I get frustrated that I have to do all of that exercise, but guilty because I'm not!

The sun is out and it is supposed to get into the 40's this weekend, so I'm thinking spring--How about you?


Trina said...

Are you kidding?! I've been thinking about spring since the first snow fall.

bets said...

i am so impressed by the rocket - i bet there would be some " glare, bombs bursting in air..." if it was shot off!

way to go talented grand parents! So getting older does not mean getting less talented! Contrary to popular belief! :)