Tuesday, February 10, 2009


Yes, we have Grandchild #4 on the way!! The happy parents announced this to us when we had our Christmas gathering January 17th. But, we were not to speak a word of it until after the appointment today. OOOOH, was that hard to do!!

Grandpa Bud has his order in for another boy so that the Juilfs name has a better chance of continuing. There are only a few other Juilfs boys in his family yet to carry on this name. On the other hand, I have my order in for a redheaded granddaughter! It's high time I had the pleasure of buying ruffles and frills! Of course we will be praying for a healthy baby no matter what!

So, now I can tell you what Kerry really sewed at her first lesson--a receiving blanket! It is made out of two pieces of nice soft flannel with sheep on one side and plain colored on the other. It will work for a boys or a girl.

So, I'm not announcing this at work until someone mentions seeing it on my blog! Be the first to mention it at work and I have a little surprise for you!


Kerry said...

I know it was hard not to tell, but we both appreciate you all keeping our secret! August will be here before we know it!

Laurie said...

Congratulations Kim and family!! What a wonderful gift! Here's to a healthy, beautiful baby, boy or girl!

The Hartsocks said...

ooh ooh - I'm the first KE person to comment (does that count!?) I will come find you in the morning! Congrats! How fun!

bets said...


Phyl said...

Lucky you! Congratulations.