Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Happy Birthday!

Grandson #3 turned 2 on February 17th!

Nate is named after Nate Kaeding the former Iowa Hawkeye field goal kicker who went on to play NFL football for the Chargers and now the Colts. His middle name is Lynn after his Grandpa Bud. Nate is VERY fond of his Momma and will hardly let her out of his sight. He has grown increasingly attached to HIS BROTHER'S blankie! Nate loves animals and sometimes seems to want to be a dog--well at least he wants to spend time in the cage. (Now, really DON'T call DHS, he crawled in there himself!)

He opened his gifts with help from his mom and two brothers. He really didn't enjoy it so much as he wasn't feeling very well. (Went to the doctor the next day and had ear infection.)

Nate is very quiet when he is first around us, or when there are a lot of people around, but he really can be a ham!


Happy Birthday to Brittany (and me)!

My sister had my niece on my birthday in 1982. I was thrilled, but we then began to celebrate both birthdays together. I didn't mind, except for the times she SPIT on my cake blowing out the candles! But as she got older she always said she really didn't get to celebrate HER birthday and no one remembered HER birthday because they were too busy remembering mine. :) Now that she is older we usually meet her along with her husband and baby, my sister along with my brother-in-law and my nephew in CR for supper. BUT BRITTANY ALWAYS GETS TO CHOOSE THE PLACE TO EAT!! Well, that is enough dear niece, it's MY turn to pick the place. After all, it was MY birthday first!!!


bets said...

happy b-day to both of you! It's fun to share - I was born 2 days after my grandpa - with July 4th in between!

Trilby said...

I don't know where the time has gone!! Nate is growing up so fast! I very clearly remember the day he was born! He is only a momma's boy when his dad isn't around!! That was proven this weekend! The other 2 boys were my boys until they were old enough to start going to the farm with their dad, then they weren't my boys anymore!!