Sunday, February 8, 2009

The "New" 70!

My friend, and my kids' "adopted" grandma, turned 70 in December. Pat is retired after many years teaching kindergarten. She keeps busy with many volunteer activities including the food pantry, historical village, and her church. In addition she sometimes subs for associates at school. I try to make sure she goes to CURVES three times a week.:) Actually, she sometimes shames me into it! Funny how 70 doesn't look like it used to!

We decided to check out a new and very modern restaurant in honor of this occasion.

One of our appetizers was a flaming cheese served with bread. YUMMY!

My pasta looked better than it tasted. What really tasted good was the strawberry daiquiri that I had, but I slurped it down without taking a picture!

Anyway, Happy 70th Birthday Pat!

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Laurie said...

She looks so great! Women aren't just sitting around anymore, they're embrassing life, and by the glint in her eyes, she's truly enjoying it. Fantastic!