Saturday, February 14, 2009

Homemade Valentine's Day Cards

Happy Valentine's Day!! Did you buy your loved ones cards and/or candy?? Well, I didn't do so well this year as it really snuck up on me. It seems as if I'm not in the stores to be reminded of the upcoming holiday I just don't think about it until it is right on us. So, sorry Mom, Trina, & Travis I didn't get anything sent in time!

I was reading some blogs and saw a card someone had gotten and thought they were cute, and would go quickly, so I made some. (So if you're reading this blog and it was you let me know so I can give you credit!)

So, if you're in a pinch today, or just want to make a little craft here's how to do it:
1. First you take a small sack--brown or white will do. Lay it flat on the table with the bottom of the sack facing you.
2. Then punch several holes in the left side.
3. Run some ribbon through it and tie.
4. Decorate the front by stamping or glueing something onto it. I used stamps, cut-outs, and buttons.
5. Do some stamping or decorating on the inside and you're done!
6. Slip some cash or a gift certificate into the little pocket on the right. Or, you could decorate some cardstock. tie a ribbon on it and slip it inside.

I hope you have a great Valentine's Day!!!

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