Tuesday, November 11, 2008

This & That

What a wet chilly few days we've had.  Makes me want to stay in bed with a good book!  After working to get my craft room in order on Saturday, I had a productive Sunday.  I am behind on my baby quilt making.  I make a baby quilt for each great niece or nephew.  Nothing fancy or complicated and it's usually tied, not quilted.  Well, with the house project I am behind by four quilts.  In fact, one will be a year old this month!  Anyway, I had the material to make one for a boy so I quickly put one together.  I didn't make a pieced one, but just used a cheater top and machine stitched it.  I shopped for material for the next one which I hope to make this weekend.  I really want to get it to her before she turns one.    Payton, our oldest grandson, turns eight tomorrow.  It's hard to believe he is that old!  He had his first birthday party with his friends.  He invited seven friends to go swimming and then to their house for supper, cake and ice cream.  Of course Cael and Nate were there too.  What a nice looking bunch!  Payton wanted a camouflage cake, so with some helpful ( and sometimes not too helpful) hints from Bud and his hunting clothes I made something that passed for camouflage.  At least it was tasty!   I joined the tribe for the party as the mom and dad felt they needed some reinforcements.  Grandpa decided to stay home and keep his blood pressure at a lower rate!  We will celebrate Grandpa and Payton's birthdays on Saturday after the Iowa game.  So, as my family and colleagues know I'm not exactly technologically proficient.  On that note, I could use some help getting photos to go in the places I want them.  For example, I would liked to have had these mixed in with the writing at different places, but I can only seem to get them to go where they want.  Can anyone help me?  

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Trilby said...

Thank you so much for the help last night!! The boys had such a great time! Mike of course had no clue what he was getting himself volunteered for! GO HAWKS!