Sunday, November 2, 2008

Boys at Work

The weather has been so beautiful it is hard to believe it is the first of November! Work continues on the house, so Bud thought he would call in the troops to help on Saturday.  Tasha helped him while I supervised the two oldest grandsons who were SUPPOSED to be picking up apples.  Cael ate more than he picked up!  I hated to see so many go to waste, so I tried a new apple cake recipe which was yummy!  Then I spent a lot of time working on grades. The boys spent the night and "worked" with Bud Sunday while I worked on report cards at school. I returned home just in time to give the boys a snack before their dad picked them up.  Then I did a switcheroo in my closet swapping summer clothes for winter clothes, walked on the treadmill, stained the new counter, and painted some trim for the porch.  In between all of that I took mini-breaks to rest my back and try to get my book read for book club. So, all in all, I think I had a pretty productive weekend.  How about you?

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bets said...

I am VERY impressed! You are doing a wonderful job! I am so proud of your techie accomplishments...pardon me while I dry my eyes! :)