Friday, November 21, 2008

Kissing Santa!

Yes, I was caught kissing Santa Claus last night!  I accompanied Santa (aka Bud) to Cedar Rapids to attend the Big Brothers Big Sisters Holiday Party 2008 and we had our photo taken there.  There were hundreds of people there enjoying the wonderful meal, crafts, Santa, photo booth, and dance.  A big thank you to all of the donors.  The even could not happen without the generosity of many businesses and individuals.  

Tanner had his "little" at the party, so we got to meet him.  Trina was working so she was not able to go get her little so she couldn't be at the party.  Santa  visited with many children.  Their requests varied from, " I don't need much since the flood, and we already got a new house." to children who came prepared with their catalogs!  This is the fourth year that Santa has appeared at this event.  It really gets me in the Christmas mood!

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