Sunday, November 16, 2008

Happy Birthday!

Saturday started out quiet at my house.  Bud and Tanner went to the Iowa game. (Thanks for taking my ticket, Tanner!)  It was just too cold for me and my knee is just on the mend, so I didn't want to do all the stair climbing.  Anyway, I was home alone and really got a lot done.  I did some cleaning,  watched some of the game, got the laundry done, and cut out some quilt pieces.  Trina showed up with Nate, and a while later Bud, Tanner, Tasha, Kyle, Trilby, Mike, Payton, and Cael showed up to celebrate Bud and Payton's birthdays.  We had a delicious tenderloin supper with various sides and of course dessert!  There were eight plus candles on the cake. (couldn't just put eight for Payton, but 52 would be WAYYYY too many!)  Opening presents was the highlight for Payton of course.  It was nice to have him able to read his own birthday cards with just a little help.

Tasha and Kyle moved back to Iowa from North Carolina in July.  They are living about five miles north of us.  Kyle is working for Capper Ford in Williamsburg, and Tasha is working at UIHC as a patient liason.  We are happy to have them home and able to join us in these family celebrations! 

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Trilby said...

Thank you so much for having all of us! We had a great time and the food was terrific! Payton has been trying to ride his bicycle but needs a little help getting on. He will be just right come next summer! It was very nice to have Tasha and Kyle with us.