Sunday, October 10, 2010

More AQS

Photos just don't do these quilts justice.  (Especially MY photos!)  This quilt was a kind of 3-D quilt.  The small quilts on the clothesline were raised up from the rest of the quilt.  This was a real art piece.
This is a great quilt for a fall Hawkeye football game!!
The piecing on this quilt was great, but the quilting was fantastic!  It doesn't really show up on this photo, so check out the close up below.

I still think there's nothing like a hand quilted quilt.  The time and precision just can't be ignored.  There were quite a few of these, but this one was my favorite.
The focus of this quilt was the quilting, not the piecing.
There were a few men out and about along with quilts on display that were made by men.  
We talked to a man from Minnesota who started on a quilt in 1983 and had just finished it.  It is a HUGE Monopoly game.  The "board" is about 8' x 8'.   All of the pieces, money, cards, etc. are fabric.  It was very cool.  You can see a real Monopoly board in the upper left hand corner of the photo so you can get an idea of the size.
And someone else made a CandyLand quilt.
This last quilt is just for my sister-in-law, Gay.  She is a Santa lover and collector.
I have the name of the lady who made this quilt if you want to make her an offer, Gay!!

And that's the end of the quilt show.  Soon I'll show you the loot I got from a few vendors.

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