Sunday, October 31, 2010

Halloween Fun

Saturday we tailgated before the Iowa game.    There were two little punkins visiting us.

Chance didn't really know what to think about Clara.  He didn't really like anyone to hold her!
He did let Grandpa hold them both for a little while.

Oh, those silly bands!  Cael spent some time playing with his.

Payton played catch with Bud's nephew, Doug.  Then he went to the game with Grandpa.
It was an Iowa blowout!  Iowa 37 Michigan 6
Nate played his version of the bag toss game. (And had a great time avoiding my camera!)
Sunday night we had a few trick or treaters.
We had Mario and Luigi--
A cute little penguin--
And a ghastly creature with blood running down his face!
We enjoyed a supper of soup, salad, and dessert.  It was a good family weekend.

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Trilby said...

The boys had fun and Payton loved going to the game on Saturday! Nate carried his bag full of candy around last night and we ended up playing living room football with him!! It was fun! He even insisted on taking his bag with him to the sitter's this morning. I did sneak it out so we didn't misplace it!!