Monday, October 25, 2010

Halloween Goodie Bags

We don't really do much for Halloween.  At some point I hope to see the kids all dressed up, but we usually don't see them on Halloween.  I don't really decorate for Halloween, but for fall instead.  Being in the country means we don't have trick or treaters either.  So, I decided to start a new tradition for our grandchildren for Halloween.  I made each one of them a goodie bag with his/her name on it.
(There are only five in the picture because I gave Chance his on Saturday.)
Of course Clara's had to have a little something "girly" on hers!
Because of all the fru-fru I put Clara's name toward the bottom.
You can see Nate and Payton's names on theirs.

So, I plan to fill them each Halloween and have them give them back to me before the next Halloween. 
I'm really not going to focus on candy, although I'm sure there will be some in there.
 I can envision sending them off to them when they are in college.:)

What Halloween traditions do you have?


Laurie said...

Love the bags Kim, how cool!
Our tradition was to always go to my parents after begging, and let the kids dump their candy out. Dad would always tease the kids about stealing their candy. Since he's gone now Halloween just isn't the same.

The Hartsocks said...

those are adorable - and a great idea! i am sure they'll become a treasured family tradition!

Kath said...

I love those bags! I go to Brittany's and go with her and kids trick or treating. It was fun seeing Evan enjoy it for the first time last year. If Clint ever has kids I will have to do something different but for now, I love going up there.

Tanner said...

That's really cool. I'm sure Grayson will love having a personalized Halloween bag when he's older. It's mutch better than a Wal-Mart bag with a small hole in the bottom.

Anonymous said...

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